Help/FAQ: Pricing  

camilla and marc

How much does this printing cost?
Printing is only part of a complex process which we have broken down for you here:

  • T+ Artwork preparation
  • T+ Profiling/Colour Management
  • T+ Base cloth
  • T+ Coating
  • T+ Printing
  • T+ Steaming
  • T+ Hand washing and pressing

Our pricing will vary depending on how much input you need for your artwork and the type of fabrics you choose. The price from coating through to the finished product follows a standard price per linear metre, depending on total printed length.

Can I receive a quote before I place my order?
Yes, we will happily provide you with a quote before you begin.

Is the cost of printing separate to the cost of the fabric?
Yes, except where we offer a Package Price.

What is the minimum length I can order?
Our minimum order is one metre.

What is the longest single length of fabric you can print?
We hand-wash our fabrics with care so you can be confident of a beautifully-finished product. Lightweight fabrics such as our silks can washed up to 20 metres in length and heavy cottons up to 10 metres.

Will my digitally printed fabric always look the same?
We specialise in colour reproduction and we are proud of our consistency in colour across individual print runs. The best results are achieved when we can limit print runs to a single batch of fabric.

Can I have a printed sample before placing a larger order?
We recommend you do not print your order without a strike-off. This is a critical step in quality control and you need to check factors like image-placement, colour, scale and shrinkage. Changes at this early stage are easy. However, if you decide to proceed due to time constraints, we cannot take responsibility if you are dissatisfied with your printed fabric.