What We do
We are international leaders in direct-to-fabric digital printing and textile design. We have a passion for colour and detail, with T+ studios in London and Sydney. We now have state of the art digital print facilities on both continents so that our team of talented artists can help you by translating your original design concepts into living textiles.

Why are we different?
We start with beautifully prepared artwork and utilise a well balanced colour palette. Driven by precise colour science, our digital colour reach (dcr) is exceptional, extending to those colours usually considered “out of gamut”. We prefer not to limit the colours on the screen. Our full time research colour scientists are continually developing our proprietary Colorbox colour management system ensuring your favourite colours will stand out on your chosen base cloths. We focus on the colour within the colour.We can even take iconic screen prints and digitally re-master them to produce exquisite new digital silks. But what we really love is showing you the true beauty of a digital image on textiles: capturing all the textures, the finest intricacies with crisp, smooth tonal gradations accessing limitless colours.

We care about giving you the highest print quality. Using the latest in digital print head technology, we are tuned to avoid disappointment with the likes of banding, head strikes, smudges and fabric creases. Along with consistent colour reproduction, we have become famous for our velvets with no white pile and nylon lycras with no grin.

Fast turn around, quality service, exceptional prints and building strong relationships are embedded in our innovative DNA .

Unrivalled show-through on scarf silks
Our technology is also especially developed to provide ink penetration on silks for scarves resulting in exceptional show-through to the back. We can arrange the hemming, hand rolled or sewn.

Just a note on how seriously we take your work. We realise that it is not just your livelihood at stake. It is your future success we are helping to build. We strictly uphold design copyright. We print for many high end designers and art studios around the world. Your designs are printed and then archived under secure coding. They are never shown to anyone outside our restricted workflow process. Our commission concept work emerges from the artist’s ideas alone. Again, no-one else sees it, no-one else has access to our archives. Please understand that we will not copy, develop or print designs for you that you do not own.

A new era is upon us
Digital textile design is the greatest advancement in surface design in centuries. Our work has become our inspiration, and it can be yours too. We recognise that digital design is still in its infancy, but we believe having mastered the technology we can provide emerging digital artists with a global leading marketing edge in textile design reproduction. We see it every day at Think Positive and we want to help you show the world your exceptional creations using our enhanced technical knowledge and expertise.

We delight in our work encouraging students, which is paramount to our philosophy of building a creative environment to nurture artistic talent in digital textile design and print.

Let us bring you into our world of digital textile decoration.

Think textiles. Think colour. Think detail. Think print. Think Positive.