Help/FAQ: Fabric  
Jenny Kee


Can I choose more than one fabric?
Yes. You can choose as many as you like for your chosen artwork.

What types of fabrics do you carry?
We have an extensive collection of beautiful silks, cottons, wools and nylon lycra.

Do you print polyester or polyester blends?
No. We prefer promoting more environmentally friendly fabrics such as organic cottons and silk.

Can I see swatches of the base fabrics?
Simply email us your address and we will send you a set of swatches. If you require them urgently, you must pay for the cost of Express Post.

Can I print onto my own fabric?
Yes, but there a few factors you need to consider. You will need to ensure that they are PFD (Prepared for Dyeing). Some people use the term PFP (Prepared for “Screen” Printing). PFDP (Prepared for Digital Printing) is when a PFD fabric is coated, ready to receive the digital print.

If you choose heavy cottons you will need to ensure there are no whiteners used in the production of the fabric, as this will result in the finished colours fading more rapidly. When choosing silk consider that weaving on ancient looms can leave impurities such as silicon or grease marks on the fabric which will interfere with the dyes resulting in an unsatisfactory finish. We cannot guarantee the colour on these fabrics.

The minimum length we accept is 20 metres which we will store for a maximum of 12 months.

What is the maximum width of the fabric you can print on?
We can print up to 160cm in width, however you will find most fabric produced is between 100cm to 140cm. Fabric wider than 140cm costs a little more to print, so please email us to obtain a quote.

Can I print the full width of the fabric?
Yes, and you will need to specify whether your artwork needs to be centred on the fabric.

Do you print placement or engineered prints?
Yes, and we can help you set up your individual engineered prints to reduce wastage.