Artistic Maps

A Pakistani clothing company called Generation founded by husband-wife duo Saad and Nosheen Rahman, has found a very pretty way to remind us how much textile art can demonstrate the richness of culture.

Their stunning textile map (above) uses native embroidery techniques to mark different regions, which magically shows how diverse elements can all come together to make something truly beautiful. Using traditional Swati embroidery and the Balochi Taanka stitch, the map is a sublimely clever way to explore Pakistan’s cultural heritage.

FYI: We’re totally thinking that Generation may have been inspired by Craftsvilla, India’s largest online ethnic store… As these guys released their “Fabric Tour of India” map (below) several months ago. Their map focuses on hand-woven textiles with a short history of each textile by state.

Both maps are a sweet display of how traditional textiles and textile art, help shape culture across different countries. We love!