Intuitive Colours

Electric Bug, 2016

Priscilla Yu’s ears must be burning – because there’s a bunch of people on the interwebs liking, tagging, posting, mentioning and of course double-tapping her stuff these days! Priscilla is a multi-disciplinary visual artist based in Canada, who’s work is a combination of geometry and visually-learned perspective, intuitive colours and personal narratives. Driven by wonder and curiosity in the patterns and the laws of nature, as well as influenced by textile design, her art often uses geometric shapes as a stylistic constraint within the vibrant, colourful and whimsical worlds.

Since graduating from Emily Carr University of Art and Design in 2013, Priscilla has exhibited in Los Angeles, Chicago and in dozens of places in her own backyard Vancouver, BC. She’s a natural artist, a gifted illustrator and a skilled designer who paints magical worlds that appear to dwell in a strange gravity. All of Priscilla’s pieces employ clever skewed perspective and tricky geometric shapes that have been sprinkled with a remarkable intuitive balance of colour, form and texture.

FYI: Miss Yu has just finished her largest mural ever at Vancouver’s biggest annual free public art celebration. The organisers of this amazing initiative believe that through the creation of permanent large scale murals, a platform is provided for the vibrant young art scene to contribute to the city’s cultural legacy for years to come.

Loving this! Hear, hear to a brighter future.


Ghosts of Moths, 2015

Iteration 1, 2014

Oz, 2008

Paul and Vanessa, 2015

Great Heights, 2016

Rice Queen, 2016