The Most Furious Goose

Patrick Morrison

Honk Honk! Peep Peep! Hiss Hiss!

Introducing the king of the most disruptive fabrics, and prints with the most personality – Mr Patrick Morrison aka Furious Goose. Patrick is a trained painter and printmaker, an experienced graphic designer, illustrator and brand consultant, and wait for it… He’s a full blown pro at etching and linocut too! Clearly there’s nothing this arty wiz can’t do, so obviously – we’re over the moon that we get to print the beauty and wonder that flows so effortlessly out of this design super hero. FYI – Never ask a dude like this his favourite colour… Ha! Oops… Oh lala!

So here we goooo, it’s time to play 20 questions with Patrick.


THE T+ Q&A #02 / The Most Furious Goose

1. Straight off the bat… What’s your favourite colour?

Sienna or jade. Or cadmium, actually cyan. Hhmmm maybe a warm grey. Puce? Possibly gunmetal. Or perhaps pink! I think it will have to be tartan as I honestly couldn’t choose a favourite. If I HAVE to choose, I am an Aries so apparently it is red.

2. Take us through a typical day in the life of Patrick Morrison.

First things first is coffee and staring out the window at the sea and the crumbling West Pier. If it’s nice then it’s time for a run. If it’s nasty then it’s time to post to Instagram. If I’m designing I tend to stay at home to work as it’s peaceful and the constantly changing ocean is inspiring. Alternatively it will be time to hit the office and deal with the emails, updating the website, processing orders and general housekeeping. Oh and did I mention Instagram? Often I have to head up to London to meet buyers and stockists. Collaboration is key to developing successful products and I will show prototypes or works in progress to gather feedback. To wind down at the end of a day I will cook or read a book. I do often end up designing in the night too. Some of my best work is done after dark. Finally… Before hitting the sack, there’s time for one more Instagram post. Tragic but true!

3. How did you find your way to textile design?

I’ve always been fascinated by colour, decoration, and pattern. As soon as I escaped the cadet force at school I painted my army boots fluorescent colours and my sketchbooks were bursting with decorative designs. At college and university I specialized in Fine Art printing and often experimented with print on fabric although I had no idea where it would lead. After my studies I moved into graphic design where I honed my skills in digital layout, typography and draughtmanship. But it wasn’t until I saw the amazing improvements in digital printing onto material that I had the eureka moment, joined the dots and made the leap into textile and accessory design. The result of this fusion of fine art and digital design practice is the uniquely bold, graphic approach that is Furious Goose’s signature style.

4. Is the way your life is unfolding different to what you expected when you were younger?

Well when I was younger I wanted to be a gnome mining jewels in a cave so I’m rather glad it has turned out different. But what I am doing right now really is like a dream come true. Designing for the sole purpose of beauty, exuberance and pleasure is a joyous thing to do and working with silk, one of the most magical materials in the world, is constantly rewarding.

5. What do you love?

Colour, Curiousity, excellence and exuberance.

6. Three pet hates.

Making mistakes, being late and blurry print.

7. Do you listen to music whilst designing? If so, what are you listening to these days?

Opera, punk and dance music are my three go to playlists themes. But a fail-safe option is Bach – I swear it improves the quality of design!

8. We’d love to know your definition of beauty.

Balance, rhythm and syncopation, symmetry and discord are all things of beauty and apply right across design, music, dance, and art. I find beauty all around me, even in the most banal seeming things.

9. Have your New Zealand roots inspired your work at any stage of your career?

I left NZ when I was two years old so I can’t say I remember it, but I always felt slightly exotic growing up in Scotland. Perhaps this is where my rebelliously colourful style originated? I’m visiting this October so who knows what inspiration I’ll draw from the trip. Watch this space.

10. What else inspires you?

I am a very mixed bag when it comes to my sources and draw a lot of inspiration from science, mathematics as well as history, art, architecture and music. Whatever it is it must be surprising, funny, cool, shocking, uplifting or (my favourite word) exuberant.

11. Why a goose? Why not a duck or a swan?

I don’t feel that a nimble accessories brand has to be as po-faced and serious as the big fashion houses. The GOOSE represents luxury, tradition, quality but not taking oneself too seriously. The FURIOUS stands for intense colours, crisp digital shapes, fierce attitude, modernity and unshakeable confidence.

12. When are you the most productive?

Very early in the morning or very late at night.

13. What is one thing most people do not know about you?

I used to play the French Horn.

14. What is the best part of your job?

Seeing other people wearing and taking pleasure from my designs.

15. What surprised you the most about owning your own business?

How kind people are.

16. What is the best entrepreneurial advice you’ve ever been given?

Never give up.

17. What is your studio like?

Chaotic and covered in computers, pens, swatches, mobile phones and scribbles. I think the sea view is all that keeps me sane.

18. Printing for you is such a treat, as it’s all very easy on the eyes! What do you look for in a digital printer?

Obviously, as a scarf and pocket square designer, ink penetration and crispness are very important but it is the sense of shared passion for the product that really turns me on. I love collaborating with Think Positive, who are often talented textile artists in their own right and who I know really care about making my designs sparkle.

19. If you could play your part in saving the planet in one way, what would it be?

I would love to inspire people to open their eyes to the real cost of throw-away fashion. Silk is a natural product that should last for generations if looked after carefully. I love the idea of my scarves kicking around long after I’m gone!

20. What’s next for you? Any new lines in the works or products that you’ve been itching to create?

In terms of new collections, 2018 is going to be a year of Grafitti, Guns and Roses, and the Solar System… Perhaps not in that order. I’d also love to get my hands on some cashmere if the bank allows.

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