Light And Shadow

Times Square Diner / New York City

A busy diner on 8th Avenue clad in linen and wood.


A seriously conscious approach to detail was taken to create this significant yet welcoming location, that simultaneously instills the image of a diner with the familiarity of a living room.

Bluarch‘s intent was to influence a play in light and shadow from the curvilinear and waffle pattern of the ceiling; adding a sense of depth to the horizontal space. The ceiling was raised and a mix of recessed LEDs and incandescent pendant fixtures were chosen to bypass the typical diner’s flat fluorescent lighting. Travertine tiles were chosen for the flooring and dark green ceramic tiles for the walls and the front of the bar. Walnut, a strong, hard and durable wood – without being excessively heavy, encases the columns, panels, walls, back booths and table tops.

The part that absolutely speaks to us is the linen covered wood “egg crate vibe” that elongates down the sidewalls. Stunning! The designer Antonio Di Oronzo explains that the systems repetitive elements allowed for digital fabrication and easy assembly, which made for less expense. However, the balance of the budget was picked up splashing out on Eero Saarinen’s cushioned, stylish and super comfortable chairs – upholstered in a taupe wool tweed. Nice!

Designed by Bluarch Architecture.