Kalos, Eidos & Skopeo


Emilie Cacace – Think Positive textile designer and right hand – has released the lookbook for her second jewellery collection Kalos, Eidos & Skopeo, from her own accessories label Andéol.

The title of the collection is the word “kaleidoscope” in Ancient Greek: kalos, beauty; eidos, form; skopeo, to see. Invented by a Scottish dentist in the early 1800s, the kaleidoscope is based on principles of symmetry and light; taking scattered fragments to make a harmonious whole. As if by magic, without the control of the viewer, pieces of shell, glass, crystal or any translucent materials and transformed from chaos to order.

In creating the collection Andéol and jeweller Raphael Mhashilkar worked with these ideas in mind. Together they carefully sourced materials including dichroic glass, plates, cuts of smokey quartz, hand painted beads, coral chips, agates pieces, mother of pearl slices and tiny bronze kaleidoscopes. Using digitally-print silk coloured with the designs of Andéol’s scarves, each piece is made using one or a combination of three weaving techniques.

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