Botswana Abstractions


Aerial photography has the ability to provide new perspectives of the earth which is why people find them so hypnotising. New York based photographer Zack Seckler‘s series ‘Aerial Abstractions’¬†are still of quite a close distance in comparison to other forms of aerial photography. Taken from a low flying plane, Seckler took the images so that the detail of Africa’s wild and rugged landscape is still apparent. The textures of the landscapes and animals are like ready-made canvas’ framed by Seckler’s lens.

78353-6754894-Reflections_on_Delta_jpg1 78353-6754883-Dense_Flora_jpg1 78353-6754891-Okavango_River_jpg1 78353-6754895-Tracks_and_Water_jpg1 78353-6754887-Intersection_jpg1 78353-6754886-Human_Trace_jpg1 78353-6754898-Tswana_Herd_jpg1 78353-6754897-Tswana_at_Dawn_jpg1 78353-6754888-Kalahari_Crossing_jpg1 78353-6754889-Lone_Bull_jpg1 78353-6754893-Okavango_Swirl_jpg1 78353-6754929-Earth_Water_Fade_jpg1 78353-6754882-Botswana_Bath_jpg1
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