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Sonia Delaunay

I have led three lives: one for Robert, one for my son and grandsons, a shorter one for myself. I don’t regret not having given myself more attention. I really did not have the time. – Sonia Delaunay Sonia Delaunay was a strong, smart, selfless, successful and inspired woman. Her career spanned 75 years in… Read more »

Objects Of Devotion

The word mandala is a Sanskrit (मण्डल) term that means circle. A circle also denotes balance, perfection and eternity as the distance from its centre to all points remains the same – from wherever it is measured. Therefore the circular design of mandalas symbolises the beautiful notion that life is never ending. However, the meaning of… Read more »

Paper Puzzles

Stephen Eichhorn is a Chicago collage artist. We discovered his work in the beautiful book Strange Plants a study of plants in contemporary art. Stephen scours old magazines and books for flower photography, cuts them out with a blade and meticulous layers the fronds and blossoms to create new compositions. The images are layered on bright gradients… Read more »

Botswana Abstractions

Aerial photography has the ability to provide new perspectives of the earth which is why people find them so hypnotising. New York based photographer Zack Seckler‘s series ‘Aerial Abstractions’ are still of quite a close distance in comparison to other forms of aerial photography. Taken from a low flying plane, Seckler took the images so that… Read more »

Careful Disorderliness Is The True Method

Lightening and Kinglyface are London-based artists and set designers whose imagination knows no bounds. As all set designers are, they’re crafty in every sense of the word and know how to play with illusion to make magic ripple. We love these petri dishes using milk. They play with the with the hand of nature and… Read more »

Holi Blush Bubble Crush

Belgian fashion school graduates from the Antwerp Royal Academy have been released on the world! Raffaela Graspointer‘s collection ‘Holi Blush Bubble Crush’ was a particular standout for us with her pastel pop palette, scalloped leather and patch knitwear (knitted by her devoted mum and gran!), with just right touch of glitter!  


Gaze into the crystallised swirling magic of Maggie Zerafa and try not to slip away in a trance never to return. After studying a Master of Craft at Monash University, Melbourne, in 1992 Maggie moved to Japan to study under the eminent Mashiko artist Ryo Suzuki, which set her on her life’s creative trajectory. After… Read more »

A Bigger Splash

Ellery has released the lookbook for her new collection for Resort 2015. Continuing to define her aesthetic, this collection builds on Ellery’s adventures with form and shape with cropped flares, voluminous sundresses and shirting. We love the bold, graphic print work referencing David Hockney’s study of Californian swimming pools. (Ellery is print in Sydney, Australia… Read more »

Portraits & Parts

Working with found imagery New York artist Daniel Gordon create 3D collage still life artworks which he then photographs. Daniel’s work is somewhere in the gap between collage and set-up photography. His work incorporates pattern and vibrant colour, creating unique and original imagery.

Ham Yard

Ham Yard hotel is the pattern-packed Soho townhouse turned boutique hotel in the heart of London. With 91 individually styled rooms, interior designer and textile enthusiast Kit Kemp has carefully curated each space with colour and lush prints, including two from Australia’s own Edit (the ‘Trees Blue’ and ‘Garlands’), renowned for their bold, beautiful original… Read more »

Dreaming Of India

All of those who have travelled to India will know it is a sensory experience that will never leave you. It is everything you read and hear about and more. For a traveller it is pure escape: challenging, foreign, exotic and far from anything you know. These gorgeous photographs by Sydney photographer Andrew Jacona, certainly… Read more »

Suriname Dreams

As big fans of Viviane Sassen  to see a selection from her new series of photographs “Suriname Dreams” a continuation of the subject of her life’s work: her birthplace Africa. Her photographs are captured in the remote Surinamese jungle village of Pikin Slee.  Deep within the rainforest, its 4,000 inhabitants are mostly members of the Saramacca tribe,… Read more »