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Minki London Fashion Week

Introduction to our Very Special Guest Contributor Isabella Rose Celeste Davey is a Sagitarrian with a Piscean moon, who has written for publications including Twin, LOVE, V Magazine and Harper’s Bazaar Malaysia. When not writing, Isabella works in Designer Relations for the British Fashion Council, where she helps build the official menswear and womenswear fashion… Read more »

Samantha Diorio

Sydney-based designer and art director Samantha Diorio has a desire to make people feel, to alter their way of seeing and consuming and to challenge the foundations upon which fashion lies. Between finishing her Honours in Fashion and Textiles at UTS, creating, making, showing and sharing; Ms Diorio is also the hip prodigy behind a… Read more »

Nehma Vitols

It is our absolute pleasure to feature dexterous Aussie innovator Nehma Vitols, an incredible emerging fashion practitioner, image maker and textile artist; who uses technologies to create amazing tangible artefacts. So far Nehma has moved to London, exhibited, showcased, been sponsored, been selected, been shortlisted, finished with Honours at the University of Technology in Sydney… Read more »

Step Into Paradise With Jenny Kee

Jenny Kee the pioneering Australian fashion designer and artist, whose timeless pieces are an absolute fashion must-have. Jenny Kee the gregarious designer, known for her use of bright bold colour, graphic prints and love of Australian flora and fauna. Jenny Kee the go-getting super talent, who over the last few decades has rubbed shoulders with some… Read more »