Magic Hand

Sabatina Leccia is a gifted young French woman who spends her days creating the prettiest of pieces. Paris-based Sabatina likes to play with abstract painterly colours and delightful embroidery. The technique is truly orginal and not to mention magical, as her stitches become infused in the painting – adding a wonderfully contemporary spin on the timeless craft of embroidery.

Her style is also very unique in the sense that she works directly on fabric, without preparing sketches first – the whole idea is that the end result be a spontaneous explosion of pattern and colour. Sabatina’s work is 100% hand-made which gives her time to meditate, reflect and create poetic and abstract drawings which represent her inner landascape. Her work is inspired by the work of primitive tribes and ancestral rituals, Aboriginal paintings and Tibetan Mandalas. Oh and Sabatina will also pimp your clothes on request… See below, the results are seriously soooo cute.