Abiquiu, New Mexico

The Abiquiu home and studio is a 5,000 square foot Spanish Colonial-era compound that was in total ruin when prolific American modernist artist Georgia O’Keeffe found it. She bought the property in 1945 and for the next four years supervised its restoration. She loved the old gardens as well as the famous Black Door. She said, “That wall with a door in it was something I had to have. It took me ten years to get it- three more years to fix the house so I could live in it- and after that the wall with a door was painted many times.” During the winter months, Miss O’Keeffe often painted from inside her bedroom window that overlooks the Chama river Valley. In Abiquiu, she also created her Cottonwood series, the paintings of the Abiquiu Mesa, and the road to Santa Fe.


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